Capital Plaza Hotel, one of the best Bucharest hotels for the business traveller

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The season of freshness, rebirth and regrowth is just around the corner, and slowly but surely, everything comes to life - especially the big cities, which will be brimming with travellers and strollers in the sunshine. The Capital city of Romania, Bucharest, is always a busy city in most of its areas, but the city center is particularly vivacious. Here, you will discover Capital Plaza Hotel, one of the best Bucharest hotels.

Because of its location and 4 star status, Capital Plaza Hotel is the perfect accommodation for business  travellers; also, its whole concept is set around the idea that this hotel was built by business people for business people. Because Capital Plaza Hotel understands the needs of the modern day business traveller, this is where any business traveller will feel most comfortable: everything’s been taken care of!

Discover what makes Capital Plaza Hotel of one of the best Bucharest hotels!


Quiet rooms in an excellent central location


Unlike other Bucharest hotels, Capital Plaza Hotel is located in the center of the city, in front of the busy Iancu de Hunedoara Bulevard, and yet has quiet rooms where you can get a good night’s rest. At Capital Plaza Hotel, we know how important it is to be able to get some rest when you travel from different cities, - and, possibly, different time zones - to attend meetings and conferences, and that is why here you will find the perfect accommodation where you can enjoy many hours of uninterrupted sleep. You can choose between different types of rooms with a view toward the boulevard, to small surrounding streets or to an inside garden. Either way, this is the place where you can enjoy peace and quiet. Besides this, the rooms have excellent facilities which will make you feel spoiled: free internet, spacious surfaces, beautiful furniture and comfortable beds. It is the ideal accommodation for anybody who wishes to travel in style!


Upon entering Capital Plaza Hotel, you will be pleasantly surprised by its great atmosphere and tasteful interior design. Tones of white, green and beige blend beautifully with the natural light coming through the tall lobby windows. An impressive marble staircase in the middle of the lobby gives this 4 star hotel a serene feeling, and in your room, you will discover that same feeling. The tasteful, earthy and soothing colour palette of fresh green and classic beige are also present in the rooms, giving them modern accents.


Thanks to its central location, any guest of Capital Plaza Hotel will have no problem getting around Bucharest, because public transportation and two main squares, Romana and Victoriei, are within walking distance. From Capital Plaza Hotel, you can get to different corners of the city in a short while - time is on your side when you are a guest here!


Great facilities in one of the most modern Bucharest hotels


Of course, a central location is not everything when looking for an excellent accommodation; facilities are also the key to a great stay for a business traveller. When you’re staying at Capital Plaza Hotel, you will get to enjoy excellent service and the following free facilities: an international breakfast buffet, newspapers and magazines, access to the hotel’s business center and to the modern fitness room. You can be sure that you will start your day in utmost comfort! The delicious international breakfast will delight your taste buds and fill you with energy, and you can be sure that you will not miss one day of your workout routine when you are staying at Capital Plaza Hotel: the gym has all the equipment you need to stay in shape.


On the premises of this great Bucharest hotel you will find an elegant restaurant, a chic brasserie and a friendly coffee house, Kubler Kaffee. With a modern or classic design, these restaurants will thrill and surprise you with their sophisticated menus and delicious specialities. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere will make you feel at home and you shall quickly discover that either one of these three restaurants are perfect for business lunches or dinners and after hours drinks.


If, during or after a busy day, you’d like to retire to your comfortable room and indulge with your favourite foods, snacks and beverages, know that you can enjoy room service from 7 am to 11 pm. Plus, there’s always a minibar in any room you choose, so you can have a most enjoyable and comfortable stay.


A Capital experience


Mix business with style and choose Capital Plaza Hotel for your next destination! In a busy city center, you will discover an urban oasis that will bring you serenity and make you feel pampered. For so many reasons, like central location, modern and tasteful design, wonderful services and distinguished clientele, Capital Plaza is one of the best 4 star Bucharest hotels. Don’t miss out! Book you room and come enjoy a Capital experience as a Capital Plaza Hotel guest!


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