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Capital Plaza Bucharest Hotel

Architecture & Design

Elements of modern architecture and classic-contemporary design. High quality interiors, built with soul. A spiral staircase and panoramic elevators.


Capital Plaza Bucharest Hotel


We place great emphasis on comfort and on the need to truly feel at ease. This is why we are offering 4-star rooms or apartments, in the business and commercial area of the city center - close to tourist attractions and parks. All our rooms benefit from natural light, and have free WiFi, a laundry service, air conditioning and a minibar.

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Capital Plaza Bucharest Hotel

Event Halls

Corporate Events

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Capital Plaza Bucharest Hotel


On the ground floor of the hotel, we created three different spaces, all inspirational and cozy, right in the heart of the city. With a classic or a modern design, a warm atmosphere and original Mediterranean ingredients - an elegant restaurant, a chic brasserie and a friendly coffee house. Enjoy the sight of a lively boulevard, as well as the colors of the sky in the garden, during summer!

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Original architectural elements. 19th century decorations, wooden panels and warm colors - these are the ingredients that complement the sophisticated menu, all in the heart of Bucharest. Make a reservation at 1880 Restaurant.

Due to the pandemic situation, the operating schedule may change.

Capital Plaza Bucharest Hotel

Location & Contact

Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara 54, sector 1, 011745 Bucharest, Romania

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