Things to see in Bucharest - a traveller's guide

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It is cold outside, days are shorter and sun is just a faded memory. But don’t worry -  there’s always a chance for new things to see in Bucharest and literally spend hours indoor. So why not exploring the coziest places? Here is a short list of the biggest museums in the city center which we’ll help you to know the country, the town and the culture. Most important, you’ll forget about the uncomfortable temperatures.

A peasant museum

Romanian Peasant Museum is within walking distance of our hotel. Discover some temporary exhibitions and the Peasant Art Gallery gift shop. Plus the Peasant’s Club cafe-restaurant - a good place to have a local lunch and mulled wine. Once you are here you must know this is a Neo-Romanian style historical monument-building. Just look after the floral and zoomorphic decorations - they are remarkable. Moreover prices are very cheap. Good enough, right?

Jurassic skeletons

Natural Science Museum “Grigore Antipa” is also near. Want to know what is here? Picture this: the amazing Romania's plant and animal life, interactive exhibits, 3D films, artificial caves  - most of all having English signage. Awesome fact: a patch guides you to go through museum.  So, yes, even the first visit is very familiar!

A highly worthwhile experience

If stone is more your thing, exit "Grigore Antipa" Museum, cross the avenue and head to the Geology Museum. You will find one of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest, almost a century old. Have a look at the priceless collection of minerals and stones and be sure here you’ll find the impressive collection of “mine flowers” as well as the most complete collection of rocks and fossils in Romania.

Priceless artwork

Are you an art lover? Consider this a must stop destination. Simply investigate the center of the city and experience the Museum of Art Collections. Enjoy great Romanian masters, art objects, Romanian glass icons, but also a genuine exhibition of Japanese stamps and the Van Gogh drawing.

As you can see, our city can easily be a cultural destination mostly when it is cold outside. The trick is to keep this guide in mind and you immediately have access to the best things to see in Bucharest. And isn’t that what you want on a visit to our city?

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